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Berkeley County, WV

Berkeley County was named in honor of Norborne Berkeley (1718-1770), former Colonial Governor of Virginia. The county was established on May 15, 1772 and is West Virginia’s second oldest county. An estimated 117,123 people reside in the county, which encompasses 322 square miles. Its boundaries have been reduced twice in its history: once on January 8, 1801 when Jefferson County was formed out of it’s eastern section, and again on February 9, 1820 when a portion of its western section was formed into Morgan County.

Cabell County, WV

Named in honor of William H. Cabell (1772-1853), Cabell County was established as a county on January 2, 1809. An estimated 93,224 people reside within the county, making it the fourth most populous county in the state. Within its boundaries is Camden Park, one of the world’s oldest amusement parks. The Port of Huntington Tri-State, the largest river port in the United States is located in Cabell County.

Kanawha County, WV

Kanawha County was founded in 1788 and established as a county on October 5, 1789. It is home to the state capital, Charleston. It's also the most populous county in West Virginia, with an estimated 180,454 residents. The county was named after the Kanawha River, which runs through its boundaries. The first salt well was established in the area in 1806, which became a major economic driver for the region.

Monongalia County, WV

Monongalia County was founded on October 9, 1776. It was named after the Monongahela River, which runs through its boundaries. The county covers an area of 366 square miles and has an estimated population of 106,420. The largest city in the county is Morgantown, home to West Virginia University.

Wood County, WV

Wood County was founded on December 21, 1798. The county was named in honor of former governor of Virginia (1796-1799), James Wood. It is the fifth most populous county in the state with an estimated population of 84,203. The largest city within its boundaries is Parkersburg. The Ohio River borders the northern and western boundaries of the county.