OnePlaceTM for your built world data.

Simple map-based data management for physical assets.

    Streamline all your digital data by connecting field and office.

    Stop forcing your physical assets into files and folders, and start organizing them naturally: on a map. Whether you're building from scratch or maintaining existing assets, OnePlaceTM brings data from your field teams and office together in a simple, location-based interface.

    It's a better way to manage your workforce, organize your projects, and collaborate with your team.

    What do you need to do?

    How do you make sense of your data?

    You already use point solutions to document and communicate about your projects. Where are you storing and organizing all that information so that you actually benefit from it?

    Unearth's OnePlaceTM is the central hub for all the data produced by your field capture technology.

    We'll take all of your digital information and automatically organize it by the one thing it has in a common: a specific location within your project.

    Everyone will have a complete, up-to-date project record accessible from any device, anywhere - giving your team the ability to streamline and simplify their digital workflow.

    • Increase Communication

      More communication means faster project completions. We give your team one easy place to collaborate on ALL of your build info.

    • Uncover Revenue

      Optimize your project with an easy, overhead view into your plans and progress.

    • Reduce Rework

      Catch mistakes before they happen by overlaying blueprints on aerial imagery and monitoring site activity in realtime.

    • Resolve Disputes

      Evidence ends disputes, and with all your data in OnePlaceTM, you'll always have the evidence on hand to resolve disputes ASAP.

    • Future-Proof Operations

      You need a system that will grow with you as technology evolves, allowing you to capture more data with more devices.

    See how easy it is to unify your built world data.

    It’s simple to get started ...

    • 1

      Outline Your Site

      Show us where your site is so we know where on the globe to store your data.

    • 2

      Upload Your Existing Data

      Bulk upload your exisiting plans and photos, we'll use the meta-data to automatically organize them for you.

    • 3

      Capture Build Evidence

      Use our in-app tools or use your outside tools to capture new data.

    • 4

      Share With Your Team

      Put your data to work by getting it in the hands of your team members.

    Get up and running in 5 minutes.

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