GIS Simplified.

Easy map-based operations management for the built world.

    A GIS system that actually connects field and office.

    Stop forcing your physical assets into files and folders, and start organizing them naturally: on a map. Whether you're building from scratch or maintaining existing assets, OnePlaceTM brings data from your field teams and office together in a simple, location-based interface.

    It's a better way to manage your workforce, organize your projects, and collaborate with your team.

    Can everyone use your GIS?

    Maps are powerful tools to coordinate teams and organize data, but when they're locked behind complex interfaces and stringent hardware requirements, you can't put them to use.

    We make storage and collaboration easy with a mapping software that's simple enough for everyone to use.

    Unearth's OnePlaceTM is a GIS system built to streamline your operations by bringing your teams and data together.

    Maps are easy. GIS isn't. We've taken everything non-GIS professionals love about GIS, and put it all into an easy-to-use software.

    Everyone will get the benefits of GIS with none of the headaches.

    • Map Making

      Whether for as-built drawings or coordinating underground inspections, anyone can easily build project maps to help teams share data and work more efficiently.

    • Map View

      Easily understand the status of your physical assets and the progress of your teams with a GIS viewer that's as simple as Google Maps.

    • Media Management

      Files and folders are horrible for managing data related to a location. Our bulk upload feature lets you dump all your photos and videos, then automatically pins them to their location on a map.

    • Team Management

      Using spreadsheets and tickets to coordinate teams can be a headache. Our map-based team management lets you easily see who is assigned where and what their status is.

    • Operations Dashboard

      If you're just looking for a high-level overview, our operations dashboard is designed for executives who need quick, comprehensive insights.

    See how easy GIS can be.

    It’s simple to get started ...

    • 1

      Outline Your Site

      Show us where your site is so we know where on the globe to store your data.

    • 2

      Upload Your Existing Data

      Bulk upload your plans, photos, and files, we'll use the metadata to organize them automatically.

    • 3

      Update Your Maps

      Gather, curate, and annotate data with our robust in-app toolset.

    • 4

      Share With Your Team

      Put your data to work by getting it in the hands of your team members.

    Get up and running in 5 minutes.

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