Map-Based Project Management

A new way to manage workflows,
physical assets, and field teams

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Increase productivity with
map-based digital tools

Streamline daily operations, manage project data, and collaborate in real-time between distributed teams

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Monitor assets from anywhere, organize data on a map, and receive updates in real-time


Create custom digital workflows for any operations or maintenance process

Field Service

Increase efficiency by digitizing paper processes and connecting distributed teams

Manage your project on a map

  1. Upload existing data

    Bulk upload plans, photos, and parcel data to create your project overview. Organize your data in a table, list, or map.

  2. Create custom workflows

    No-code custom workflows streamline daily processes. Create, edit, and deploy changes to everyone on your team from anywhere.

  3. Assign tasks and monitor status

    Assign tasks to field teams, attach any necessary data, and set a task status. Organize project tasks by completion level.

  4. Review and share data in real-time

    Cloud-based data sharing and storage enables effective collaboration through real-time updates across every device.

GIS mapping

Connect data and location
with map-based project management

Cloud-based and made for mobile devices, Unearth was designed for projects in the built environment

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