A better way to document construction.

Automatically organize your people, plans, and progress in OnePlace™.

  • Simple

    No downloads required; access your data from any browser.

  • Precise

    Place-based interface that's accurate within 2.0% of PLS.

  • Fast

    Automatically capture progress when and where it happens.

  • Comprehensive

    Integrate plans, aerials, photos, and more into one simple view.


    See how to create a digital twin of your construction project.

    Turn Pages into a Plan

    Discover place-based construction management software.

    OnePlace™ simplifies construction's chaos by unifying data from all your software into a single, place-based interface.

    * Cover Your Assets

    Document construction projects by place.

    Construction has enough to worry about without having to bother with tagging and organizing your data.

    OnePlace™ automatically organizes data from all your construction software by place, either within your construction plans or on top of an aerial map of your site.

    Do more with your blueprints.

    Get the most out of your construction plans by merging your PDF blueprint pages into a single, interactive map.

    OnePlace™ allows you to quickly and easily stitch PDF files into a contiguous layer that can be used to track, communicate, and store all your construction activity.

    Control change and create profits.

    With the ability to create interactive construction surveys within 2.0% of PLS accuracy from aerial imagery, OnePlace™ provides quick, accessible insights that give you an advantage.

    Not only will you be the most knowledgable stakeholder, you'll be able to quickly create profitable change orders with the documentation to back them up.

    Unify your construction data.

    Most construction software siloes your data, making it inaccessible and confusing.

    OnePlace™ democratizes project information by integrating the data created by all your construction software into a single, place-based interface, giving everyone a means to instantly access, understand, and utilize construction data.

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