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Finally, GIS for everyone

OnePlace™ is a collaborative, cloud-based, mobile friendly GIS. Open map-based data management to your entire team and enhance your existing system with simple tools for capture, storage, and sharing.

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Data management for the modern

GIS Data

Legacy GIS data

Create your project map quickly by uploading data from your existing tools. Share your map easily.

GIS Video

Photos & Videos

Upload photos and videos to any location on your map. Find the media you need when you need it.



Overlay plans and blueprints over area maps and topographic data for a comphrehensive site view.

Drone data

Aerial surveys

With automatic geo-correction, you can upload aerial surveys and track progress with ease.

All File Types

All file types

From spreadsheets to PDFs, OnePlace™ works with the file types that work for you.

Build your map in minutes

  1. Outline your site

    Assign your project to a specific place on the map. All data will automatically save to that location.

  2. Upload existing data

    Bulk upload plans, photos, and addresses to create a living map of your project.

  3. Capture data with digital tools

    Field teams can use OnePlace™ features or their own tools to gather new data.

  4. Review and share in real time

    Office teams have instant access to field updates, allowing for easy collaboration and review.

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