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Los Angeles County, CA

With more than 10 million residents, Los Angeles County is home to more citizens than any other county in the nation. It's located in Southern California and was established Feburary 18, 1850. Aside from the massive population, it's also one of the nation's largest counties - encompassinig 4048 square miles. The county has 70 miles of coastline and is known for its temperate climate.

Orange County, CA

Orange County sprawls over 948 square miles in Southern California. 2018 census data reports the population at 3,179,950, making it California’s third largest county by population. The county seat is located in Santa Ana, though the largest city by area is Irvine. Established on March 11, 1889, Orange County is now home to a variety of tourist attractions such a Laguna Beach, Knott's Berry Farm, and Disneyland.

San Bernadino County, CA

Founded April 26, 1853, San Bernardino County is located in Southern California. Covering 20,105 square miles, nearly the entire width of the state in this area, San Bernadino is the largest county by area in the United States. The county has no coastline, stopping just 30 miles from the Pacific Ocean. As of 2018 census data, 2,153,203 residents live in the county - making it the fifth most populous county in the state.