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Improve your map making process

Paper maps with handwritten notes are hard to read and require manual transcription. Use digital tools to create your map, then print or share as a PDF.

digital map maker
make your own map

Add shapes, lines, labels, and assets

Our GIS drawing toolkit was designed for the built-world and includes everything from simple shapes to specific assets.

measure assets automatically

Automatic in-app measurement

OnePlace™ lets you digitally measure distance, area, and even volume - saving time and minimizing errors.

custom color themes for GIS mapping

Custom color themes

Color can denote task status or be part of operational guidelines. Field and office teams can change the color of any drawing based on their needs.

label physical assets

Clear labeling

Avoid messy handwritten labels. With OnePlace™, teams can create a digital label and adjust the text, size, and color: ensuring that maps stay clear and readable.


Make your own map

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