Enhance Your Legacy GIS Systems

Simplify field capture and improve usability with Unearth's OnePlaceTM.

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OnePlaceTM augments your existing GIS tools.

Legacy GIS platforms excel at complex visualizations and in-depth analytics. In the right hands, they are powerful tools. However, not everyone has the training necessary to use the full feature suite. OnePlaceTM brings the power of GIS to non-GIS professionals and simplifies the lives of GIS professionals with tools their whole team can understand.

Simplify map creation.

Start from scratch or upload your .KMS or .SHP files to quickly create and share custom project maps. Anyone can jump in and start working with them, regardless of GIS knowledge.

Only the tools you need.

From 3D visualizations to oceanic basemaps, legacy GIS tools have expansive feature sets - many of which you may not need. Unearth's streamlined toolkits reduce complexity by providing only the tools required for your industry.

Cloud storage and flexible licensing

Access to data captured by legacy GIS often gets locked behind local servers, hard drives, and stringent licensing structures. Our unlimited cloud storage eliminates the need for a local server and our flexible licensing makes important data more accessible to everyone.

Expanded range with mobile capabilities

Legacy GIS platforms have limited mobile capabilities. OnePlace was built for a seamless mobile experience, allowing you to access, share, and update your legacy GIS data from the field, office, or anywhere else.

Maximize your legacy GIS now.