Enhance aerial surveys with GIS

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Put drone data and aerial surveys to work

Document progress, complete spatial measurements, and create an interactive digital map for any built-world project.

Drone survey on tablet
use aerial surveys for as-built documentation

Aerial surveys for as-built documentation

Upload and store aerial surveys in OnePlace™ to create accurate as-built records: quickly comparing actual progress with drawings and plans.

calculate stockpile volume

Calculate stockpile volumes

Find cut/fill values in seconds by circling an area on your survey. With apps for iOS and Android you can take spatial measurements anytime, anywhere.

document site progress over time

Monitor change over time

Regularly conducted drone surveys provide a complete record of your project from start to finish. Load all your surveys into OnePlace™ to toggle between different time frames.

drone photography for marketing

Drone photography for marketing

Impress prospective clients with aerial photos and timelapse videos. Our cloud-based software stores all ground and aerial photography for a marketable image of your project.


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