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Improve workflow with automatic progress documentation

OnePlace™ transforms PDF blueprints into a single image that overlays perfectly on aerial site imagery. Use this enhanced view to manage your site and track project progress.

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overlaying blueprints on aerial images

Overlay blueprints on aerial imagery

In OnePlace™, you can align blueprints perfectly over drone, aircraft, or satellite imagery: transforming plans into a powerful documentation tool.

view blueprints on mobile devices

View blueprints on any device

Use OnePlace™ on our browser-based web app or the native mobile apps for Android or iOS. View, share, and manage your blueprints from anywhere.

edit blueprints digitally

Digital tools for blueprint markup

Annotate blueprints from anywhere and ensure they’re seen by everyone. OnePlace™ GIS uses the latest websocket architecture, meaning everyone sees changes in real-time.

as-built documentation storage

Store as-built documentation

Keeping as-built documentation organized is one of construction’s biggest challenges. Our cloud-based GIS automatically stores site activity in the location where it occured.


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