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Use GIS to document progress in real-time

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Simple data capture for as-built documentation

As-built documentation compares real-world progress to blueprints and plans. OnePlace™ automates this process by tracking progress as it happens.

As-built documentation
mobile as-builts

Share plan markups across any device

Make in-app annotations to blueprints and share across all devices. Increase communication between stakeholders and create a living record of your project.

Organize photos by location

Automatically organize photos by location

Avoid the headache of manually tagging visual documentation. OnePlace™ automatically saves photos and aerial surveys to a specific location on the map.


Share as-builts with people outside the app

Select the data you want to share, then enter a phone number. That person will be able to see everything you shared, but nothing else.

Drone Survey software

Document progress with drone surveys

Drone surveys are a reliable source of as-built documentation. Upload them into OnePlace™ to create a map that can be enhanced with blueprints and ground-based observations.


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