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Bexar County, TX

Bexar County is located in south-central Texas, encompassing 1,256 mi². Established as a county on December 20, 1836, the county population has grown to 1,986,049 residents - making it the fourth most populous county in the state. Long, hot summers with an average high of 96°F, and warm to cool winters are typical for the area. The largest city in the county is San Antonio, which is also home to the historical Alamo and Riverwalk tourist attractions.

Dallas County, TX

Dallas County was established as a county on March 30, 1846. It's located in northeastern Texas and has a 2018 population of 2,637,772. Dallas County is quite large, covering 909mi². The largest city in the county is Dallas, which the third most popular destination for business travel in the United States. Climate in the area is humid, with mild winters and hot summers.

Harris County, TX

Harris County, originally known as Harrisburg County, was founded December 22, 1836. It is located on the upper Gulf Coast in Southeast Texas, covering 1,777 square miles. Population in the county reached 4,664,159 in 2018, making it the most populated county in Texas. The county seat is currently located in Houston, which is also known as the world capital of space exploration.

Tarrant County, TX

Adjacent to Dallas County, Tarrant County was established on December 20, 1849 and covers 902 mi². The 2018 census reported a population of 2,084,981, making Tarrant the third-most populous county in Texas. Climate conditions include long, hot, humid summers and short, mild winters with an average of 229 sunny days annually. Fort Worth is the largest city within the county, as well as the county seat.

Travis County, TX

Travis County covers 1,023mi². It's located in south-central Texas, about 150 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. It was established in January 1840, days after the state capital was relocated to Austin. Formerly known as Waterloo, Austin is also the county seat for Travis County. During the first county official elections in February of 1840, the population was reported at 856. As of 2018, the reported population had grown to 1,248,743. The largest urban bat colony in the United States can be found in Travis County.