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Brown County, SD

Brown County was founded on July 6, 1881. It was named for Alfred Brown, a Dakota Territory legislator. It is the fourth most-populous county in the state with an estimated population of 39,316. Within its boundaries lies the town of Frederick, home of the annual Frederick Finn Fest held every June.

Lincoln County, SD

Lincoln County was founded on December 30, 1867 and was named in honor of Abraham Lincoln. The area spans 578 square miles and is mostly devoted to agriculture. The largest city within its boundaries is Harrisburg. Lincoln County is the third most populous in the state and has an estimated population of 58,807.

Pennington County, SD

Pennington County was founded in 1875 and named for John L. Pennington, fifth governor of the Dakota Territory. The area is known as the ‘Gateway to the Black Hills’. Within its boundaries lies Rapid City, also known as the ‘City of Presidents,’ due to its life-size bronze statues of presidents located downtown. Pennington County has an estimated 111,729 residents and is the second most populous county in the state.