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Charleston County, SC

Charleston County has a population of 405,905 - making it the third most populous state in South Carolina. Located in southeastern South Carolina, it covers an area. of 1,358 mi². The county seat is Charleston - the oldest and largest city in South Carolina. Charleston County was established in 1769.

Greenville County, SC

Greenville County is located in northwest South Carolina, covering an area of 795 mi². It is the most populous county in the state with a population of 514,213 as of 2018. The county was established in 1786, and the county seat is currently located in Greenville. The area experiences an average of 51 inches of rain, 3 inches of snow, and 220 days of sunshine per year.

Horry County, SC

Horry County is located about 130 miles east of Columbia, the South Carolina state capital. It spans an area of 1,255 mi² and was established in 1801. As of the 2018 census, the population was 344,147. Named after Peter Horry, an American Revolutionary War hero, the county was originally part of the Georgetown District.

Richland County, SC

Richland County was established in 1785. In the path of General William Sherman's total war campaign, the county seat and state capital, Columbia, was burned in 1865. Richland is located in central South Carolina and has an area of 772 mi². With a population of 414,576, it is the second most populous county in South Carolina.

Spartanburg County, SC

Spartanburg County experiences an average of 49 inches of rain, 2 inches of snow, and 225 days of sunshine per year. The county covers 819 mi² in northwestern South Carolina. The fifth most populous county in the state, Spartanburg has a population of 313,888. The county was established in 1785 and the county seat is currently located in the city of Spartanburg.