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Allegheny County, PA

Located in the southwestern part of Pennsylvania, Allegheny County encompasses 745 mi². Population records report 1,218,452 as 2018, making Allegheny County the second most populous in the state of Pennsylvania. Allegheny was established on September 24, 1788, and the county seat is situated in its largest city, Pittsburgh. The climate is temperate, averaging 38 inches of rain and 28 inches of snow a year. Top five leading industries in the county are advanced manufacturing, healthcare, energy, financial and business services, and information technology.

Bucks County, PA

Bucks County is located in southeastern Pennsylvania, north of Philadelphia, and covering 622 mi². The county was established in November 1682 and its county seat located in Doylestown. 2018 census data reports a population of 628,195. Bucks County gets its name from colonial proprietor William Penn who named the county after Buckinghamshire, the county where he had lived in England.

Delaware County, PA

Located 22 miles outside of Philadelphia in southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware County encompasses 191 mi². It is the fifth most populous county in the state of Pennsylvania, with a population of 564,751. The county seat is located in Media. Established September 26, 1789, Delaware County is sometimes referred to as “Delco”.

Philadelphia County, PA

With a 2018 population of 1,584,138, Philadelphia County is the most populous county in the state. Established on October 27, 1682, the county extends over 143 mi². The city of Philadelphia is the largest city within the county as well as the county seat. Climate in the area is temperate with an average of 47 inches of rain and 14 inches of snow per year. Philadelphia is known for being home to the Liberty Bell and the Declaration of Independence.