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Essex County, MA

Established on May 10, 1643, Essex is the fourth most populous state. Salem and Lawrence are the two traditional county seats. Lawrence is sometimes also known as the "Immigrant City". Essex County is located in northeastern Massachusetts and covers an area of 828 mi². The word gerrymandering has it's roots in Essex County, after Eldbridge Gerry created a legislative district in 1812.

Middlesex County, MA

Middlesex county is located in northeastern Massachusetts and covers an area of 847 mi². It has a population of 1,614,714 - making it the most populous in the state as of 2018. The county seat is located in Lowell, known in the early 1900’s for its textile mills and factories. Established in 1643, Middlesex was where the first armed conflict of the American Revolutionary War occurred.

Norfolk County, MA

Norfolk County is named after Norfolk county in England, and is currently the most affluent county in Massachusetts. Located in the eastern part of the state, it spans 444 mi². It was established in 1793 and is now the fifth most populous county in the state - with a population of 705,388. Dedham, known as the “mother of towns,” is the current county seat.

Suffolk County, MA

Established on May 10, 1643, Suffolk County is located in eastern Massachusetts. It spans an area of 120 mi² and is the third most populous county in Massachusetts. According to the 2018 census, the population is 807,252. Boston is the county seat, as well as the state capital.

Worcester County, MA

Worcester County was formed out of three other Massachusetts counties: Hampshire, Middlesex, and Suffolk. It is located in central Massachusetts and covers 1,579 mi². Worcester has a reported population of 830,839. The county seat is located in the city of Worcester, which is sometimes referred to as “The Heart of the Commonwealth”. Worcester was established April 2, 1731.