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Benton County, AR

Benton County was named in honor of U.S. Senator Thomas Hart Benton of Missouri, who was integral in Arkansas’s admission into the Union. Established on September 30, 1836, Benton County has a population of 272,608. Though it's currently the second most populous county in Arkansas, it's projected to become the first by 2030. Located in the northwest corner of Arkansas, Benton County is part of the Ozark Plateau and borders Missouri and Oklahoma.

Faulkner County, AR

Faulkner County is named for the original “Arkansas Traveler,” Col. Sanford C. Faulkner - a renowned fiddle player and storyteller from the region. The county was established on April 12, 1873 and has a population of 124,806. Featuring concerts, carnival rides, and a toad jumping contest, “Toad Suck Daze” is a major attraction to the county each year.

Pulaski County, AR

Pulaski County was established on December 15, 1818. It was named to honor Count Casimir Pulaski, a Polish soldier who was credited with saving George Washington’s life during the Revolutionary War. The most populous county in Arkansas, Pulaski County has an estimated population of 392,680 as of the 2018 census. Government and support services are the primary economic activities in the area.

Sebastian County, AR

Sebastian County was officially established as an Arkansas county on January 6, 1851. It is the fourth most populous county in the state, with an estimated population of 127,753. The county is located in west central Arkansas, and has two county seats: Greenwood and Fort Smith.

Washington County, AR

Named for George Washington, Washington County was founded on October 17, 1828. It is currently the third most populous county in the state with a population of 236,961. The largest employers in the region are the University of Arkansas and Tyson Foods, Inc. Popular tourist destinations are Devil’s Den State Park, the White and Illinois rivers, as well as the Ozark and Boston mountain ranges.