Task management
with maps

Track progress and simplify collaboration

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Manage tasks directly on your map

With built-in task management, status tracking and collaboration is simple. Create a task on the map and assign a status. Start a discussion thread or add media as needed.

task and operations management
Create Task

Create a task

Click 'Task' on the left sidebar, then tap on the map to place your task. Give your task a title and include a message outlining what needs to be done.

 Set Task Status

Set task status

Set your task status to: Not Started, In Progress, or Complete. Sort tasks by status to get a quick project overview.

Collaborate with team

Collaborate with your team

Start a discussion thread within your task. Add files, photos, and videos as needed. With real time updates, everyone has the information they need when they need it.

share your task as a link or PDF

Share as a link or PDF

Communicate quickly by sharing the task hyperlink with a team member, or download your map to a PDF for a simple, clean deliverable.


Simplify task
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