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Unearth's OnePlaceTM is designed to integrate with all of your construction technology.

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Augmented and virtual reality help people at all levels of the construction process visualize and communicate about planned and actual progress.

VR is a fully immersive computer generated experience requiring a VR rig, while AR uses your phone, tablet, or specialized glasses to superimpose virtual objects onto the real world.

  • Visual Vocal

    Capture, create, annotate, and share AR/VR content

    OnePlaceTM automatically geolocates your V|V files within your site, letting you get an instant AR/VR look into your site's ground truth from any mobile device.

  • Umbra

    Design, render, and share complex 3D models

    Umbra creates 3D models from any point cloud or Revit file and allows you to do a virtual walkthrough to identify issues. The OnePlace integration will allow you to geo-locate and view these models in the context of your other site data.

  • Sketchfab

    Publish or purchase 3D models online

    Sketchfab allows you to build and publish 3D models online, or purchase pre-rendered 3D models for your own use. When integrated with OnePlace, you'll be able to pin these models to your site and easily view them in the browser.


The Internet of Things is the base for the digital construction site of the future. It's made up of any device that takes an input and gives some sort of digital output to be monitored.

When all of these devices are reporting to a single system, you get what's known as a 'digital twin,' a living replica of your site that lives on the internet.

  • Bosch

    Take measurements that automatically sync to the cloud

    Bosch smart tools will integrate with OnePlaceTM in two ways. First, the GPS location of each tool will appear directly on your project map, letting you know exactly where your tools are at all times. Second, any of their smart measuring tools will be able to take a measurement and send it directly to OnePlaceTM to be recorded.

  • Drone Deploy

    Plan, fly, and process drone missions

    DroneDeploy is the industry leading platform for planning drone flights and processing the resulting orthographs. Within OnePlaceTM, you can upload your drone flight to be processed by DroneDeploy, or upload your flight in DroneDeploy and send it directly to OnePlaceTM.

Construction Apps

Construction apps are typically point solutions that handle one aspect of the construction process very well. These solutions tackle problems like blueprint management, time-keeping, and photo documentation.

Whichever ones you choose to use, Unearth's OnePlace plans to have a way to integrate your data.

  • Procore

    All-in-one project management software for record keeping

    With Unearth's OnePlaceTM Procore integration, you'll be able to track all of your construction documentation within the context of its location on the jobsite. Need to start a new RFI? Just open Unearth and we'll automatically pin it to your location and send it to Procore to be processed.

  • Fieldwire

    Construction management app for tracking projects

    Fieldwire lets you manage the entirety of your construction workflow within the context of your plans. Once you connect Fieldwire with OnePlaceTM, you'll be able to autmatically import and overlay your plans, as well as track issues from multiple systems within Fieldwire.


Building Information Modeling is the future of construction planning. It allows architects and engineers to build 3D models with detailed data attached to each component of the model.

Using this information the software can easily simulate real world conditions for electrical systems, structural integrity, cost estimating, and more, reducing errors and improving project outcomes.

  • Autodesk Revit

    Powerful Building Information Modeling toolset

    Revit is the leading BIM software for architects. When integrated with your OnePlaceTM subscription, your architects will be able to directly export BIM models from Revit to your project team. You'll then be able to view, interact, and comment on them - and have that feedback sent directly back to the design team.

Photo & Video

Video and photo documentation, construction site security cameras, and time-lapse cameras are all critical parts of a construction project. They track progress, provide build evidence, protect your project, and make great marketing materials.

With OnePlaceTM your photo and video solutions no longer have to live separately. We'll automatically pin them to their location on your site, and let you view them directly in the browser.

  • EarthCam

    Complete video solution for monitoring construciton sites

    EarthCam is a full service provider of physical photo can video solutions for construction. If you get setup with EarthCam's equipment or services, we'll make sure the data they provide is stored right along with the rest of your data in OnePlaceTM.

  • OxBlue

    Live streaming and construction timelapse video provider

    OxBlue provides high-quality timelapse cameras to construction sites around the world. We'll make sure the location of every camera shows up on your site, and give you the ability to view it in realtime directly from our software.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is an essential component to ensuring your data is protected. Unlike hard drives, thumb drives, and cell phones that are vulnerable to theft, loss, or damage, cloud data is not at risk of accidental damage. It's also accessible from anywhere!

We know how crucial cloud storage solutions are to every business, so we've integrated with all the major cloud storage providers to ensure that your data can move seamlessly from the cloud to Unearth.

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