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Automate Your Progress Tracking

Capture build evidence in real-time

Capture build evidence in real-time.

Unearth taps into all your technology to create a real-time, digital picture of your construction project.

Geo-locate everything, automatically

Geo-locate everything, automatically.

We transformed how project information is organized to eliminate the headache of tagging data. Once you're live in our system, we automatically store everything according to its location so you never have to worry about staying organized.

Unify your data

Unify your data.

Eliminate miscommunications and mistakes by having Unearth put data from all your software in one place. We'll make sure the right people get the right information at the right time.

Build More Profits

Measure with ultra-precision

Measure with ultra-precision.

Unearth provides precision measurement tools that let you confidently calculate progress over time. Bill for 100% of work completed with the evidence to back it up.

Discover change before it happens.

Discover change before it happens.

We unlock god-mode by giving you the ability to see and interact with your data in one place. You'll predict, plan for, and profit off change with all the proof you need to get paid.

Protect your bottom line

Protect your bottom line.

Margins are too thin in construction to not have protection against disputes. By automatically creating a complete record of your build, you'll always have the ability to pull up the right facts at the right time to make disputes a thing of the past.