Three Men Rob Construction Site in Broad Daylight


  • $20k worth of equipment was stolen from a Miami highway construction site
  • Robbery occurred in broad daylight while a crew was working
  • The three suspects posed as construction workers and even spoke to crew members

A Miami contractor is feeling the loss of $20,000 worth of equipment after a bold daylight robbery occurred on one of their sites.

The criminal trio arrived on the site in a black minivan wearing safety vests and hardhats.

They quickly got out of their van and used bolt cutters to remove the padlocks on a set of steel cargo containers. Within 30 minutes they had calmly filled their van with an assortment of tools and equipment before driving away.

A member of the construction crew came to speak with them while they were removing tools, but let them continue on after they said they were just here to pick up some equipment.

The security team hired to monitor the site made no effort to confront the individuals.

Construction sites are particularly vulnerable to theft due to the inherent difficulty in securing them.

The National Equipment Register estimates that in 2014 the total value of stolen equipment on construction sites was close to $300 million.

Extra training can help prevent some thefts, simply by increasing awareness and accountability. Collaboration software, like Unearth, can also reduce incidents like these by giving everyone simple access to information regarding pick-ups and deliveries.

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