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Unearth Careers

Our Vision

We're opening the world of GIS to everyone by building a modern GIS platform from scratch - one that's powered by the latest cloud architecture and optimized for mobile devices.

GIS is an incredibly powerful and useful tool, but its potential is locked away behind complex software designed for trained professionals.

Our software makes GIS accessible, giving built-world industries the tools they need to capture, organize, and share their data quickly.

Unearth is GIS, simplified.

Our story

Unearth was born from the rise of drone technology. Initially, our focus was making drone data more accessible to the construction industry. Quickly, we realized that was only a small piece of a much larger puzzle: finding a way to organize and manage all built world data by place.

When managed correctly, data streamlines operations and saves millions of dollars. However, without proper management the data buries you: slowing operations and costing millions.

With the data management standard of files and folders, industries like utilities, construction, and telecom must transform their data into a useful resource with tools that weren't built for the job.

OnePlace™ was created to solve this problem. Our mission is to create a new generation of GIS software: one that delivers robust data and operations management in a simple, user-friendly platform.

Our Team

Team Image

Brian Saab

Chief Executive Officer

Team Image

Amy Hutchins

Chief Product Officer

Team Image

Nate Miller

Chief Design Officer

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Pat Lasswell

Principal Engineer

Team Image

Mike Johnson

Senior Front End Engineer

Team Image

Chris Sharp

Senior Mobile Engineer

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Nick Hertzman

Marketing Director

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Ali Feary

Senior Designer

Team Image

Ian Kirkpatrick

Head of Account Development

Team Image

Joseph Garcia

Back End Engineer

Team Image

Morgan Sullivan

Content Marketing Manager

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Jake Rae

Senior Product Designer

Team Image

Jordan Koszarek

Front End Software Engineer

Team Image

Matt Roberts

Mobile Software Engineer

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Bryan Quandt

Technical Account Advisor